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A Recap of Last Semester (2014)

Thank you so much for your sweet well-wishes and checking up on me! I’ve been GREAT!… just ridiculously busy. Last fall I was working full-time hours, then coming home to 3 hours of homework EVERY. NIGHT. with the kids. I had very little time for anything else.

Seeing as how I have missed an entire fall semester on the ‘ole blog…I would love to bring you all up to speed.

These little goobers played soccer last fall. (Ethan left, Andrew right). I can call them goobers because I am their Mom…and, well… because that is exactly what they are.

Babysitting Shiloh and her best friend Sadie (on the left)… the 2 old maids can get into some serious trouble if left around free to roam. Haha! I LOOOOVE Sadie and adore watching the 2 of them play around together. (Sadie is my BFF Liz’s dog)

Joe and I were all fancied up for a benefit gala! (I went darker with my hair---more of my natural hair color) Love this man of mine… about to celebrate 12 year in March! TWELVE YEARS!!!!

Yep…you guessed it! We were headed to Walt Disney World soon! (Florida)

Sass. Check!
Disney outfit. Check!

The Steece family at Jess’s sister’s wedding! I LOVE this picture. It was Paul & Kate’s Christmas card. (front row: Ben, Drew, Sav, E)

(forgive the picture of a picture)~ but this was Grandparents Day this year at school! I had 2 sickies! LOL. (story of my life). But Sav and Ethan sure did have a great time with Papa and Granna!

Granna remains cancer free! Every check up has been perfect! PET scan great. Blood levels normal. An absolute answer to prayer. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts!

Career Day at school:
Ben~ Police Officer
Sav~ Nurse
Drew~ “like Dad”
Ethan~ Train Engineer

I snapped this picture before Joe left for work. How adorable!?!

I was more than honored to speak to the 1st grade kiddies about surgical nursing!

And here we are!!! Grammy and Grampy took us to Walt Disney World. It was absolutely magical! (S, E, A, B)

Here are some of my favorite pics! (E, B, A, S)

Haunted Mansion (S, E, B, A)

Yummm…the World Showcase at Epcot, France (A, E, S, B)

And my favorite part of our trip was the Not-So-Scary-Halloween Pary. LOVED. IT. We revisited the mariachi band (so that I could find the kiddos easily in a crowd)

Favorite picture of the entire trip. Easily. (Go through it one-by-one and look at every single person’s face). HILARIOUS.

Back at school…representing the Aggies with 2 of our teachers! Mrs. Lutsch (Ethan’s teacher on the left), and Mrs. Pilgrim (Ben’s teacher on the right)

The kiddos’ pumpkin parade at school…

I have to admit, we had SO MUCH FUN dressing up as Bert and Mary Poppins this year. We even won the best trunk-or-treat!

HaLLoWeEn NiGhT!

(Sorry, more pics of pics). Not so little anymore, huh? {tear}
Ethan, Andrew, Ben, and Savannah


Heading out for my hospital Christmas party! Fun night.

My peeps. xo (S, E, A, B)

(A, E, S, B) Santa came to visit at my hospital!

Santa at school! (A, B, E, S)

Christmas at Papa and Granna’s house with the cousins! (A, E, Carter, Sawyer, S, B)

Over the holidays, I ran into THIS little gem. See any resemblance? I was blown away. That was me, age 7, and a pic of Andrew a couple of years ago. Genetics fascinate me. (and no, I’m not sporting a teeny, shriveled child hand and giant Santa hand! lol)

God bless Papa’s heart for always taking the kids to the children’s museum. (usually by himself!)

Celebrating Papa’s birthday on December 23rd!

The Mr. and Me. xoxo

Thanks for the pictures, Dad…or I wouldn’t have any! Does anyone else get competely run down at Christmas time? It is EXHAUSTING! But I TRY to maintain a positive attitude and remember why we celebrate in the first place.

The annual trip to see the Christmas lights in Lakeway with Grammy and Grampy and the crew!

…and there you have it, folks! That about sums up last semester.

The Steece fam hit January running! All 4 kiddos are in basketball. Ethan will have surgery for ear tubes soon. Mom and Dad will be taking an all-expenses paid, week long cruise! (Joe won’t tell you, but he was one of the top 10 performers of his company in 2014 and I’m SO very proud of him!)

Hope all of you, blog buddies are doing well! Miss you. Miss being on here.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

1st Grade Favorites









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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Why Not Home?

Hi friends! Meet Jessicca Moore.




Jess is one of my best friends from nursing school!

08 August 20141-001


I. Love. Her.


After giving birth to both of her children at home, Jess (a family nurse practitioner) was troubled by the judgement and misinformation surrounding the decision to give birth at home. She wanted to educate and empower women and families with access to information that would help them reclaim this often lost rite of passage.


Jess is currently working on an exciting documentary entitled “Why Not Home?”. I am beyond proud of her!


The film is about nurses, doctors and hospital midwives who chose to birth at home. She is not trying to sway mothers one way or another, but aims to de-stigmatize home birth and give accurate information…a balanced view, if you will.


Obviously, because of my high risk pregnancy with quadruplets, the hospital was the only place for me to deliver…but I believe that for many women, it is worth looking into other options.


I have always been leery of home births~ What if something goes wrong? What if the Mom can’t stop bleeding? What if the baby has problems?


Jess has done tons of research on the subject and I, for one, cannot WAIT to check it out! I’m especially interested to hear from medical professionals on the subject… to learn the reasons behind THEIR decision to chose birth at home over the hospital.


You can watch a video about the documentary here:


More information from the producer/director:

Ninety-nine percent of babies in the US are born in hospitals. Many other industrialized countries have higher out-of-hospital birth rates, spend less, and have better quality outcomes for moms and babies. Why?

This feature length documentary currently in production, looks at risk, safety, and the experience of childbirth in America.

By featuring women who attend hospital birth, we hope to engage a broader audience and get beyond the polarization and intolerance that is all too prevalent in the media surrounding home birth. Our team has put in countless hours over the past year, shooting, editing, researching, reviewing transcripts, now we are reaching out to the larger community for support. In order to complete production and post production of this film, our team is launching a Kickstarter campaign on Labor Day to raise $86,000.

If you believe in informed choices, independent voices, and culture change surrounding the experience of birth, please join with us by becoming a backer. We have some great rewards you won’t want to miss!


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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Quads 1st day of 1st Grade

Look at these widdles…from the first day of preschool, to the first day of 1st grade! Unreal.

08 August 2014



I’ll admit… the first day of school this year was SOOO much easier than last year. We knew where to go, saw our friends, easy cheesy.




Well, it happened. When I told the kids to hold hands walking in, there was some backlash… then they just giggled and walked the entire way in with hands clasped. Mom smirked and chuckled to herself~ dreaming about her impending freedom! She could taste it…so close!




Proud to call Little home. It is like a little family. LOVE it.




And the best news eva! Our BFFs, the Tarrant twins, got in to Little!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!




Savi’s best girlfriends have Mrs. Caudill (Ethan’s K teacher) and Mrs. Baty (Ben’s K teacher)!




Time to drop off each quad in his/her classroom. Ben is first! Smile, snap, okay on to the next room.




Say cheese! snap, on to the next classroom…




Ethan, smile! snap, on to the next classroom…




Sav is the last room, ready to wreak havoc on her sweet teacher

Winking smile




I love these crazy 1st graders of mine. This is definitely a super fun age. My little mini-adults. Drew, Sav, Ethan and Ben.


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